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earphone.org releases online sound projects, being a culmination of three projects: .tiln (digital diffusion), Plate Lunch (with Norbert Schilling), and Marc McNulty.

Primarily, earphone.org is the home of Marc McNulty who creates music using analog and digital systems; exploring digital signal processing and the radio frequency spectrum. Marc's work includes: data visualization, multi-channel sound installations, sound diffusions and cinema for the ear. Marc performs throughout North America and Europe.

Earphone Recordings

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In Cell Survival, CD & online released by earphone.org
McNulty - In Cell Survival - CD Front Cover Image Marc McNulty - In Cell Survival - CD Back Cover Image Marc McNulty - In Cell Survival - CD Surface

In Cell Survival is available as a download @ marcmcnulty.com

"There are three long pieces on this CD, totaling close to an hour. What goes into the chain of signal processing is a bit unclear, but these might perhaps be field recordings. It then is locked into a chain of generative events, slowly changing shape, color and dimension. Although it's hardly 'autopilot' music - it's not an excerpt of an ever lasting, always changing algorithm, but composed by a human, for the time needed. Styllistically McNulty stays close to his older musical principles, that of the highly atmospheric music. In 'Quatermass' this is quite deep, going back to his earliest work, but in 'Brisance' and 'Backscatter' it all seems a bit more reduced, and especially 'Backscatter' reminded me of the current music of Asmus Tietchens, especially if drones et all are reduced further more and high end bleeps and ticks remain. Excellent stuff, with a fine, dramatic build up, come down and moving along barren ice fields and hot deserts. Ambient industrial music in that 'Quatermass', like standing close a steel factory - but not inside the actual factory itself. Great, evocative music. Another most welcome return, and hopefully for a bit longer this time." (Frans deWaard) - VITAL WEEKLY 879.

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